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Four challenges down, six to go!

Saturday 12th Nov
After getting through challenge 3 unscathed, registering quick swim and bike (beautiful morning, clear, still. Not hampered by morning traffic, other than the large groups of swimmers doing squad training); I was brought crashing back to earth yesterday for challenge 4.

Both Kim and Em tested positive for COVID on Monday and Thursday respectively, so I have been looking after both of them and thought that I had been appropriate in my use of PPE and avoiding the bug.

However, on Wednesday evening I had a scratchy throat, so I did a RAT on Thursday morning, which returned a negative result, so I completed challenge 4 yesterday ... but it was hard from the get-go; I put it down to possibly being tired from a long swim on the Wednesday; definitely the headwind on the bike which hurt for the first 20kms; and the run always hurts!

Hoping I only have minor symptoms, and with a couple of days rest, I can do Challenge 5 on Monday.

Two challenges down, eight to go!

Saturday 5th Nov
Just before I go back on shift tomorrow morning, a quick wrap up ... so far everything is going to plan. Swimming at Oak Flats has worked out perfectly, not too busy and able to get a lane to myself, complete the swim, exit and change quickly for the bike ride, straight from the car park onto my 50km around Lake Illawarra. The wind was strong for Challenge 1, and my mid-morning start meant that I copped nearly every red light! Still I was able to finish well and get straight off the bike and onto the run leg, a little longer than 5kms, but a challenging course - which is what I wanted. Today's Challenge 2 was special as it was Ben's 29th birthday and he wanted to join me for the whole event which I greatly welcomed. Ben, being Ben, was more particular about his transitions and nothing would change his mindset! However, all three legs were completed in good time, especially the cycle with no wind, and little traffic. I think he found his running legs missing as he completed the 5km run in good time. Anyway, it's all looking good as I head into the week, with another two Challenges waiting ... this is the biggest week, with three Challenges in seven days.

Welcome to my 42K Challenge

Tuesday 1st Nov
Today sees the start of the Fortem Australia “42K Walk Run Ride Challenge for the Month of November”.

Fortem Australia support first responders and their families - the people who protect and care for our community. This week, they are sending a select team of 6 first responders from around Australia to run the TCS New York City Marathon on November 6.

To recognise and celebrate this achievement, Fortem created the “42K Walk Run Ride Challenge for the Month of November”, challenging anyone to walk, run or ride 42km over the month and help raise funds that will go towards improving the mental health and wellbeing of first responders and their families.

I have decided to take part in this challenge, with a goal to raise in excess of $4200 for Fortem Australia.

My challenge will start on November 2nd and consist of a 500m Swim followed by a 50km Ride followed by a 5km Run - repeated every three days for the month - a total of 10 times - and then finishing my challenge with 5000 steps on November 30.

This will be a total of 5kms Swimming; 50kms Running; 500kms Cycling; and 5000 Steps … whilst growing a “mo” to also support Movember.

If you would like to help me raise funds for Fortem Australia and help me reach my goal of $4200, please donate here:

All donations no matter how big or small are greatly appreciated.

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I'm fundraising for Fortem Australia

Thursday 27th Oct
Support the brave while supporting me as I participate in the 42k walk, run or ride challenge in November.

Every day, more than 360,000 first responders keep our communities safe. We know that more than half of all emergency responders are deeply impacted by the traumas they face in the course of their duties. First responders are more than twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts and to experience high psychological distress.

Please support my challenge so between us we can support our first responders who keep us safe.

More details on my challenge to come ...

If you would like to assist me in raising funds for Fortem Australia, please visit my fundraising page at:

Thank you to my Sponsors


Oak Flats Swimming Club

Well done Brendan. A very worthy cause.


Mike & Barb Giles


John Scollary

Excellent job done son. Congratulations on the hugh effort for Fortem. Glad that I could help in some way for you and them.



Proud of you dad!


John Scollary

Another one down, only 7 to go. Well done.


Green Machine

Doing great Brendan



Awesome effort, Brendo!!


Kathy And Russ

Good luck Brendan.


Olly Spake



Keep up your great work. Well done


John Scollary

First of 55.5. Only 9 to go.


John Scollary

Another one under the belt


John Scollary

All the best for No.5 tomorrow. Hope covid doesn't hold you up.


John Scollary

Don't let Covid-19 hold you back. Only 4 to go.


Bev Scollary

Hello Son, please in your a/c find $50 towards your fund raises.❤️❤️


John Scollary

4 down, only 6 to go. Well done.


John Scollary

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Only 3 to go.


John Scollary

Got covid 19 beat, only 2 to go. Go for it.


John Scollary

The end is in sight. Go champ.


John Scollary

Congratulations. Only 10,000 steps to go.


Tim And Cathrin

Well done from Tim and Cathrin - we run with John


Brendan Scollary


Kaye Mcrae

Very proud of you and the challange you have set your self to raise money to help others



Hi Brendy! Run fast, ride faster and don’t drown! From the Evans Famalam


Erin De Rooy

Amazing work Brendan!



Amazing as usual Brendo! Well done 👍🏼 👏🏼



Good luck


Suzy Kosteski

Great work Brendan!!!


Sue Davies

Well done Brendan 👏



Good on you Bren. Very proud of you for getting in the pool, on the bike & on the road to raise money for such a worthy cause. Would love to see your ‘mo’!


John Scollary

Just had to put you over the 1k mark. Keep going for it.